This was a good reminder for me today and wanted to repost this.

life as I see it...

Relinquish1. to give up (a task, struggle, etc.); abandon 2. to surrender or renounce (a claim, right, etc.) 3. to release; let go

In a recent prayer time, as I first turned on my music and barely began to pray, there was one word rolling around in my mind…RELINQUISH…”Okay…” I thought. What does that mean? I decided to write it down and come back to it so I could look it up. Don’t get me wrong; I have a general idea of what this word means as many of you do, but I sensed the Lord wanting to say something more specific to me about that word at that time.

As I continued in my time with the Lord, my mind was immediately taken back to one of the most miserable New Years Eve nights of my life. It was the eve of 2005 and I was…

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Traci is a wife and mother with a strong desire to see the family become all that God intended it to be. She has been married for 28 years to her husband Kevin since she was 18. They have two adult children, daughter and a son as well as a daughter in law and new granddaughter. Traci understands how blessed she is because she also knows the pain and emotional baggage of growing up in a very dysfunctional home and the toll that it takes on a person. Having experienced healing from those past hurts, she desires to help others heal in their own areas of hurt so they can live life to their fullest potential as they impact their families and communities as well. Because of her heart for parenting, she, along with her husband have led parenting small groups for the past five years at Milestone Church in Keller, TX which is their home church. They have recently become Small Group coaches, pouring into other leaders to help them to become more successful as they minister to the needs of their own groups. She has led women's small groups and has been involved in the single mom's ministry of Milestone Church as a blog contributor and speaker. Currently, she is in the process of writing a book on the subject of parenting and bringing up children who will continue as Christ followers even after they leave the home. With a strong desire to see people thrive in all areas of their lives, she writes this blog to offer encouragement, hope and sometimes, humor, for others. View all posts by tracihaney

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