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First On My Mind… Second On My List


I found myself in a situation where I wanted and really needed to spend some time with God. But I also had a LOT of cleaning to do. We had cooked a big meal the night before and I got the basic stuff done but just wanted to sit and relax afterward. So, that left me with a good mess the next day. I also had laundry to wash and bathrooms to clean…

I decided to set a timer knowing that a race against the clock would hurry my pace along. Then, when the timer went off, I would take the time to get into my alone time with God. I felt a little guilty because, even though He was first on my mind, He was second on my list…

I worked as fast as I could and made good progress, but when the timer went off, I still had a lot to do because you know, one thing leads to another! It seems to be the story of my life and it wasn’t any different on this day. But I really wanted to sit and pray, read and worship…then I had a sense that the Lord spoke to me. It was just a whisper that resounded inside me and I knew it wasn’t my thought. I knew it was Him.  He said.

“I can talk to you while you do the dishes.”

Wow! Ok…that seemed simple enough, so why hadn’t I thought of it? My mind wandered to all the times that a friend sat across from me as I finished the dishes and how easy that kind of conversation can be. I knew He was telling me that He wanted to do the same.

“Ok then. That’s what we’ll do.” I thought as I turned on some favorite music and turned my attention to Him in the same way I would turn it to a good friend sitting there. It wasn’t long before I was experiencing His presence as I talked to Him and put my focus on what He might want to say to me.

I do believe it’s very important to have alone time set aside to pray and hear God-time that is just for Him with undivided attention. But He also knows we have to tend to the “affairs of life”. What I learned on this day (and other days-He has to keep reminding me!) is that there are times we can do both. He just wants to be with us.

Am I the only one who has such a tendency to compartmentalize my time with God? What would happen to all of my relationships if I treated them this way? They would surely suffer. And isn’t this supposed to be a relationship that I’m having with my Heavenly Father? Of course!

It must have been a similar dilemma that Martha found herself in when Jesus came to visit her home and she complained to Him that her sister, Mary, wasn’t helping, leaving her to do everything alone. (Luke 10:38-42) The scripture says she was DISTRACTED with much serving.

Maybe that’s because serving wasn’t really what she was supposed to be doing at that particular time. When we are distracted, it means our attention is really supposed to be focused on something different than what we are focused on.

We can be distracted by good things, but even a good thing at an inappropriate time can be a wrong thing, simply because it represents a priority that is out of order. Jesus was there to visit with her, not to wait while she cleaned the bathroom, checked her email, cleaned her oven, mowed the lawn….

I believe it was a similar case in this situation and it was the reason Jesus told Martha that Mary had chosen what was better; something of higher priority. There would be time for cooking and cleaning later, because, even though Jesus was first on Martha’s mind, He was second on her list.

What about you?Have you ever found this to be true in your own life?

 Do you struggle with similar things?


If so, what changes have you made? 


I want to hear from you! (Please comment below)



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